What Is the DePuy Attune Knee?

The DePuy Attune knee process is a whole knee replacement augmentation. DePuy also produces an Attune version for revision knee replacement operation.  You can browse www.depuykneelawsuit.com/depuy-knee-lawsuits.aspx to know more information about the Depuy Knee Replacement.

DePuy’s rotating stage design is meant to decrease stress and wear the augmentation. You’d a rotating platform design and style. One alternative had an anatomic patella — to displace the pure kneecap. DePuy maintained that the upgrades would improve flexibility and reduce improvement wear.

What’s your DePuy Attune Knee Made-of?

Attune knee replacements comprise plastic and metal parts.

Metal Attune knee components are created from the Cobalt-Chromium-Molybdenum metal.

Additional Attune parts are created out of DePuy’s very own Poly Ethylene formula.

Attune knee replacement operation continues for approximately two weeks. Surgeons utilize concrete to preserve the apparatus set up.

Inside the week’s prior operation, patients can experience physical therapy. Their physician can also set them to a weight loss program.

After an operation, surgeons will program follow up visits. The health care provider will inspect the knee-replacement to find it really is working and healing as it will. Patients should let their physician understand if they undergo knee replacement complications.

DePuy Attune knee problems can include:

  • Loosening
  • Fractures (of the device or surrounding bone)
  • Tibial Loosening
  • Early or excessive wear and tear

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