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The word generational gap has been redefined. We have more age group in our church now than we did nine years before. Thus, we have to request, “How wills the arrangement, leadership, and ministry, be able to meet the requirements of all those age groups?” You can also look for Christian churches in long island at The Sound of Heaven Church.

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Maybe a private illustration can help.  When I had been a warrior in 1985, a girl would come to our church, then hunt out the nursery, and abandon her infant there.  This was the standard.

Now at a highly sensitized civilization where individuals know of all of the abuse that has happened, parents do not wish to walk into the church and abandon their infants at the hands of individuals they do not understand.

Additionally, church leaders now do not permit everyone to work from the nursery with no background check.  Other new tendencies in nursery care reveal sensitivity to parents.  For example, if parents drop their kids, they take with them a low-frequency beeper.

When the nursery workers want the parent, then they utilize the beeper–that does not really beep but vibrates.  Nursery employees now perform on an extremely professional level.  Many wear white smocks over their clothing to work with an image of professionalism.

They do not just hand kids back to their parents, however throughout the last half of their worship service they spend a lot of the time cleaning up, changing diapers, and doing whatever required to send kid’s home clean, dry and fed.

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