Eye on Your Dog’s Health – Obesity

Like persons, fit dogs become obese or overweight when there is an inequity between the number of calories used up and the calories scorched.

Logic would lead us to conclude, then, an obese dog is most likely getting a lot of calories, too little exercise or some combination of both. You can also get information on professional dog grooming in Long Island and pet grooming near me by clicking right over here.

Be mindful that specific health conditions like diabetes or thyroid problems may be underlying causes of obesity in dogs, which makes it important that you search for proper testing and veterinary care when there are indications your pet is obese, or if abrupt changes in his burden happen.

If health issues are ruled out as the origin of your pet’s weight issue, a proper mix of calorie control and exercise is most probably all it takes to receive your own very best buddy back into a healthy size.

Many pet owners fail to think about the caloric value of human and treats food fed to puppies, which may pack a lot of calories when consumed along with the pet’s regular food.

Even small pieces of snacks and individual food today and you can add as much as an excess of calories, leading to your dog attaining an unhealthy fat.  Since health issues can compound as a consequence of being obese, it’s very important to handle increases in your pet’s weight when signs are apparent.

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