About Sober X

Hello Dan here, I just wanted to briefly introduce myself and talk a little bit about this site.  As you can imagine I used to love to stay up at night watching late night tv and regrettably late night infomercials.   I also tended to drink quite a bit and often time’s I would wonder why two or three weeks later, boxes would show up, including products that companies “claimed I ordered.”

Oh I have got all kinds of TV products, from bread knives that can cut through aluminum cans (I still shake my head wondering what that is all about)…. To a vegetable noodle maker (this I actually use all the time and love).


But suffice it to say, I have bought a lot of products over the years and not drinking as much as I used to, often wonder what the heck I was doing.  That said, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite products as well as other services here that you may find interesting.

Of course, you will also hear about some of the more colorful and interesting products I have purchased over the years, including a pancake and egg frying pan that I can make an entire meal, fit for a three-year-old in.  Yes, you heard that right, I actually bought this frying pan gadget, that has food portions that could feed a little kid.

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